When the guest pulls out the card key and goes out, the energy saving mode keeps the room at the certain level of comfort. That is all lights are off but package air conditioning keeps running at idling mode to saves energy.

Characteristics of the SHOSHITS MEIJIN

To control package air conditionings and puff macs

It controls the increasing number of package air conditionings and lightings in recent years.

Idling mode

When the air conditioning is completely turned off, and the guest enters the room, the guest would feel uncomfortable because of high humidity or chilled air.

Idling mode control* allows you to enter the room at room temperature near the level you have set. There would be no guest complaint since the different in temperature is minimum.

* What is idling mode control? It automatically switches to pre-cooling/pre-heating temperature when air conditioning is not in use. It is a system that controls at a certain room temperature so that the guest does not feel uncomfortable when entering the room. (Variable to 27℃ for pre-cooling and 17℃ for pre-heating)

Energy cost is significantly reduced

When the room is vacant, all lights are turned off and the air conditioning is controlled by idling mode.

As for air conditioning, waste of "too hot" and "too cold" will be eliminated by changing the operation of the package air conditioning.

Energy cost (gas, oil, electricity) is greatly reduced (compared to the case without energy saving control)