One hour after the guest goes to bed and light turned off, it automatically shifts to the energy-saving temperature (sleep mode).

Characteristics of KUCHO MEIJIN

Room temperature control

The room temperature control with the twin-pipe fan coil unit enables temperature control which is equivalent to that of individual air conditioning, including the intermediate period (when switching between cooling and heating).

Room air conditioning system diagram

When the temperature controller is attached to a two-pipe fan coil unit in a hotel guest room, the system outline diagram on the left is generally used.

Before the control unit (1) is attached, the OA (primarily processes outside air and sends it into the room) (2) is used to secure an appropriate level such as the temperature of the living space, and the insufficient volume is supplied through fan coil (3).

Since the control unit controls the fan coil unit by sensing the room temperature, it becomes possible to shift the control of the temperature level from OA to fan coil unit.

Room temperature control model pattern in winter

The weakness of the twin-pipe type in winter is its inability to lower the temperature once the temperature rises too high.

Therefore, we will operate it to lower the OA temperature so far as possible to lower the room temperature.

Room temperature control is performed with a fan coil unit equipped with a temperature control device.

Room temperature does not go above the set temperature. If the guest wishes to lower room temperature after taking a hot bath, OA temperature will be of help.

As a guideline for OA temperature, keep the room air temperature below 18℃. For hotels in Europe and the United States, 15°C or lower is recommended.

We always concern great satisfaction of the guest andf the hotel operator.

We always concern great satisfaction of the guest andf the hotel operator.

KUCHO MEIJIN sales achievement(major hotels)


Hilton Tokyo Bay


Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport


Odakyu HotelSouthern Tower


Kyoto Grand Prince Hotel


ANA Okinawa Harbour View Hotel